Wednesday, January 16, 2008

King of Partying

I used to think that I was the Master of Partying (having studied engineering in college and all), but I think I've found a new and worthy King. Check out this dude in Australia. This guy is pretty freaking awesome. And by awesome I mean completely lacking the ability the feel remorse for anything at all. I predict that he will live a very happy life for years to come.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Napping for a Good Cause

Happy New Year!!! I'm a couple of weeks late - but being on time isn't really what you'd expect from me anyway. To start the year off right - I wanted to find something all you fellow lazy readers can use to your benefit - perhaps incorporate into your new year's resolutions. And I think I found something perfect: Naps can actually improve your memory!!

That's right - a researcher at University of Haifa in Israel recently published a study showing that a 90-minute daytime snooze may help lock in fleeting-long term memories. Normally, I require more sources of evidence before I believe something - after all, I'm someone with strict scientific principles. However, I'm willing to embrace this immediately because it reinforces my lifestyle. Plus, it finally explains why ever since I got promoted and moved into that corner office, I've had constant flashbacks of being an inadequate toddler.