Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm a sucker for Clementines. Whenever I see a display of them at the grocery store - I usually buy a bunch. They come in those fancy little crates and have cute names like, well... "Cuties". Plus, they count as fruit right?

See, that's the thing. Whenever I eat a clementine - I feel like I'm cheating. Because they're just so tasty and easy to peel! How can I possibly be getting any vitamin C out of this? Oranges are widely accepted as being good for you - but they completely suck to peel. Clementines, on the other hand, are easier to peel than Paris Hilton's panties. And I know Paris Hilton isn't good for you.

Maybe clementines are really just addictive drugs disguised as fruit - the result of some top-secret experiment by the Columbian goverment. Think about it - when's the last time you just had one clementine? It's virtually impossible - unless you've desperately scammed one off a co-worker and have no choice (yet another sign of its drug-like properties). Drugs are bad for you - but clementines aren't! It's like magic!

Plus for some reason - they're ALWAYS in season. Anytime I see a palette full of clementine boxes at the store, I say to myself: "hmm, they must be in season now." I've said this ten times in the past 12 months. Once again, magic.


At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Annie said...

Little Cuties are the best! And yes, I can never have just one


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