Friday, December 07, 2007

Diet Soda Study

A recent study at Johns Hopkins University shows that people who drink diet soda still have a 41 percent chance of being overweight. The study also reveals that diet-soda drinkers have a greater risk for obesity than do those who drink regular sodas.

Researchers suspect this phenomenon may result from people thinking they're doing something "good" for their body when they drink diet soda - so they feel free to splurge on other high-calorie items. Other research suggests that diet sodas may actually stimulate the appetite.

Now I don't have my PhD yet, but I've got my own theory on why diet soda drinkers are fat - hold on...wait for it...because this is revolutionary:


Am I missing something or are the Johns Hopkins researchers just retarded?

That's it - I'm coming up with my own research studies - and I won't even have to do the research. Let's see...I bet that people who listen to Michael Bolton have a 41% chance of having bad taste. Publish me, biatch.


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