Monday, November 26, 2007

Using Turkey as a Scapegoat

Doesn't the Monday after Thanksgiving suck a big one? It's really hard to get any work done - after all, the odds are that you've spent a good deal of time traveling, sleeping in the same room with distant relatives, and politely laughing at your dirty uncle's perverted jokes. So I completely understand if you're a little slow this week.

But one of the most popular and laziest excuses that people use is blaming the Turkey. Poor old Turkey - really an unfortunate fowl - ugly, fat and slow - a prime target for hungry pilgrims and Indians. The Turkey has already had a tough history - does it also need to be blamed for making you tired and slow? Sure, it has that chemical called Tryptophan that causes drowsiness - a chemical that dumb people like to just say to show that they're somehow well versed in science. But I'll out-nerd you - and point out that the level of Tryptophan in Turkey is actually comparable to what's in other meats. So you're probably tired because you're a fat slob and ate a crap load of stuffing, potatoes and pie. Or you've spent a lot of energy avoiding your dirty uncle's advances.


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