Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oreo Dessert Pizza

Just what we needed, yet another reason for terrorists to hate America. If you haven't already seen this commercial on TV, prepare to be disgusted - or aroused if you're Rosie O'Donnell. The geniuses at Domino's Pizza have pushed the limits of inside-the-box thinking by creating a dessert pizza made with Oreo cookies. That's right - a freaking dessert pizza. Because if the load of cheese and processed meat on a normal pizza doesn't kill you, a dessert pizza with cookies should finish the job. The best part - some food scientist actually got paid to invent this. Man, I really wish I was in the boardroom when this idea was presented to management. I'm sure they felt pretty retarded after realizing they were sitting on top of this awesome idea all along.

According to Domino's Pizza:
The Oreo Dessert Pizza features a thin crust layered with vanilla sauce and covered with Oreo cookie crumbles, with icing drizzled on top. The product is the first nationally available dessert pizza in Domino's 47-year history.
You know - there's probably a very good reason why a dessert pizza hasn't been available in 47 years. Probably the same reason why we don't have Nutter Butter tacos.


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