Friday, October 19, 2007

Mysterious Religious Images

We've all heard of stories about people seeing images of Jesus or The Virgin Mary in things as random as a grilled cheese sandwich, or a water stain on a wall. Here's yet another example - this one involves the silhouette of the late Pope John Paul II in a picture of fire.

Dude, it's fire. Fire can look like a lot of things. Because it keeps moving. That's what fire does. Okay - so the guy says he took the picture at the exact same time the Pope died. But think about it - if he took the picture at just a slightly different angle, the fire could have looked like something totally different - like a porn star getting violated from both ends. After all, It's all about what you want to see. And I want to see a porn star.

Can't see the pornstar in the fire? Okay, how about the Heisman trophy?

Or John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever?


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