Monday, October 01, 2007

K-Fed: The Responsible One

Wow, this one is a lay-up. But it's Monday, so what do you expect. Today, Britney Spears was ordered to relinquish custody of her children by a judge who had cited her drug-and-alcohol-fueled lifestyle. The judge also ruled that ex-husband Kevin Federline will take custody of the two children beginning Wednesday.

That's correct, Keven Federline, ex-backup dancer, trucker-hat wearer, and performer of PopoZao, is actually the responsible parent. Maybe I'm reaching an age where I just can't relate anymore to popular culture, but when I was growing up, Mr. Keaton and Dr. Huxtable were responsible fathers.

I wonder what K-Fed will actually do with the kids when he gets custody on Wednesday. I'm guessing that he'll either take them to Chuck E Cheese or sell them on eBay. OR - maybe Angelina will come to the rescue and scoop them up. After all, these kids are going to be more fucked up than any Cambodian orphan.


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