Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Karma is a beautiful thing isn't it? It's very comforting to know that no matter how douchey the douchebag, Karma will eventually bite them in the ass. Like if you wear a ski-cap to look cool in Los Angeles, you'll probably eventually go bald. Or if you drive a Hummer, you'll probably get crushed by a falling tree. Or if you murder two people and get away with it, you'll probably get charged with armed robbery 13 years later and face the possibility of life in prison.

Of course, it's not guaranteed that O.J. will be convicted of this crime. After all, he does have a history of being wily when it comes to the law. But sooner or later, karma will indeed catch up to him. If not now, then some time later. And if not later, then he'll face an eternity of sodomy by Hitler and David Koresh in hell. Either way, no one needs to do a thing. Karma - the lazy man's form of justice.


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