Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Miss Teen USA

Miss Teen USA 2007 takes place this Friday in Pasadena, CA. It really isn't a big deal - not too many people care about beauty pageants anymore. But if recent history tells us anything - the girls who enter beauty pageant are getting sluttier and sluttier - in other words, more accurately reflecting American youth today. So we SHOULD be interested.

I haven't yet carefully reviewed this year's contestants for Miss Teen USA, but I'll bet my left nut that they won't disappoint. Fifty girls under the age of twenty gathered together in one place - the odds are favorable that most of them will be pretty hot. White girls under the age of 20 ALL look pretty hot. Just ask any Japanese business man.

Okay, maybe I sound super perverted because these ARE teenagers we're talking about. But I'm sure that some of these girls are at least eighteen - which makes them barely legal - and completely awesome.

Then again, there are some contestants that are really, really young - Illegally young - like 15-year old Miss Louisiana, Logan Brook. I'll offer no further comment other than it would be pretty easy to be mislead because she looks waaaay older than 15.


At 6:12 PM, Blogger SadieMBeagle said...

Yeah, teen chicks in bikinis are HAWT. OMG, did I say that out loud?!? I didn't mean that...


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