Monday, February 26, 2007

Honorary Oscars

I watched the 8-hour long Academy Awards show last night. As usual, the Academy gave someone an "Honorary Oscar" - and this year it went to Ennio Morricone, a legendary Italian composer famous for his film scores. He was nominated 5 times previously and didn't win once.

The Academy might think it's doing something honorary by giving out these Honorary Oscars, but we all know that it's really the Academy's half-assed way of saying "sorry we fucked up". Honorary Oscars are always awarded very late in someone's career for past accomplishments that the Academy failed to recognize - and somehow, 40 years of oversight are supposed to be forgiven by one measly statue. That's total bullshit. Imagine giving an 80 year-old man who's never had sex with a hot woman in his life, a Victoria's Secret model for one night. The reward just isn't as sweet when you can't get a hard-on without popping a pill.


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