Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Words that end in "dash"

There are some weird words in the English language. But I find words that end in "dash" particularly strange. Okay, there aren't that many of them - I can only think of two off the top of my head: "Balderdash", and "Haberdasher" (that last one almost ends in dash).

Why do these words exist? And who actually uses them anymore? They both sound like words that are too fancy for what they really mean.

Besides being a classic boardgame by Mattel, the word "Balderdash" actually means "nonsense". So instead of saying "that's a load of shit", you could alternatively say "that's balderdash!" You'd get strange looks, but you'd sound like a very smart, pompous guy.

And a "Haberdasher" is someone who sells men's clothing. So rather than telling someone you work in the men's department at Macy's for $9 an hour, you could call yourself a Haberdasher instead. Once again, you'd get strange looks. And you'd sound more gay than smart.

In conclusion, you only use these words if you want to sound like a pompous gay smart-ass.


At 2:56 PM, Anonymous salty said...

or...you could just add a dash of Mrs. Dash! http://www.mrsdash.com/


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