Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jeans Models

Check out these two jeans models. They're so lazy that they didn't even bother wearing anything on top. At first I was appalled. In fact, appalled to the point of arousal. But then I realized that these models are really just being super-efficient. After all, it's a waste of time and a distraction for these models to wear anything other than the article of clothing they're trying to highlight. I'm sticking around for the hat show.


At 5:55 PM, Anonymous tilt said...

Hey, whose jeans are those? They are really cute.

At 6:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know your real name buddy, but just wondering, are you a fan of Russell Peters?
I notice your humour's similar to his.....

At 6:10 PM, Blogger Cibbuano said...

Russell Peters is the bomb.

I'm definitely impressed by this ad campaign. Too often, I have been distracted by the other clothes - now, we can only concentrate on the jeans, and that soft, supple skin.


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