Thursday, February 22, 2007

24's Counter Terrorism Unit

I'm a huge fan of the show 24 (Mondays, 9/8 C on FOX - since they obviously need more promotion). But one thing is starting to grind my gears - and it's CTU - the Counter-Terrorism-Unit that Jack Bauer works for.

During the first 2 seasons, CTU didn't bother me that much, but now that we're into the 6th season - and the 6th day that Los Angeles is under attack by yes, Terrorists - I think it's pretty obvious that Counter-Terrorism-Unit is doing a pretty shitty job. Jack Bauer is more of a band-aid solution to save the world. If CTU did their job right in the first place, terrorists with suitcase nukes, stolen identities, or bio-chemical warfare shouldn't even be in the country.

People complained about the CIA after 9/11 - and there was only one 9/11. Imagine if there were six? I'm pretty sure that there would be a shitstorm of change at the CIA. But if you compare CTU in season 1, with CTU in season 6, it looks pretty much the same. Sure, they've had some turnover of personnel, but that's because they died. At the hands of terrorists.


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